Sunday, February 15, 2009

surprise suprise, puppy surprise.

friday night chelsea came in from boston. we went out for indian food with asher. then to whole foods. we basically were all very tired and just wanted to chill on friday, so that's what we did. we went to bed. la la la...

then we were all suddenly awoken by the doorbell at 6am. i figured it was a drunk or homeless. so i proceeded to ignore it. then it rang again! oiy oiy! so i get up, grab my keys and look through the first door to make sure it wasn't someone crazy, trying to kill us.. :) it took me a second to adjust my eyes and then i realized it was josh, asher's brother! i let him in. told asher who was here.... it was so cute, he was like "my brother? my brother is here?" i guess you would have to see it. he sounded like a kid on chanukah evening who just got the best present of a lifetime.

we all talked for about a half an hour and then went back to bed for a few hours.

saturday morning we went to walmart and ikea to do some shopping. josh went to sleep since he had driven 16 hours straight from iowa... asher, chelsea and i ate at hummus! delicious. then we went to the greenline to have some coffee. we came back home, schmoozed a bit... then took the subway to the ritz theatre on 4th street to see the reader. oh my goooddddneeessss. the reader! the reader! go see it. it's long but amazing. i cried almost hysterically... but i held it in. the ladies next to me kept telling me to shhhhhh because i was eating popcorn too loud and chelsea coughed one time. old ladies are crazy!

it was snowing when we got out of the theatre. we took the train home. got off at 34th st to find some food for dinner at like 10pm... ended up eating sandwiches at jimmy john's. chelsea and i polished our little toesies and did my sink full of dishes. 

it was a wonderful weekend...

today, i took chelsea to mysore class at y2. fun fun. 25 peeps showed up. 

had coffee with my favorite friends (kcdv, ak, jm)

took bus home. played with ferret and pig.

went to satellite with chels. left her there. went to coop. bought some food.

and just grubbed on some amazing salsa with chelsea!

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