Friday, February 20, 2009

CCC: also known as Casual, Calm, Collected Fridays.

i came to work yesterday to find a sink full of dishes and none of them had anything to do with baby or baby meals. i was livid. furious. sick of doing the doctors' dishes. not my job. did it anyway... i got over it. discussed it with wise souls. figured out a game plan.

went to y2 for jill's led class. tattoo is almost healed, but definitely didn't have a "strong" practice week. but i did it to myself, and that's that. i had coffee with adam and a ride to work. (thank you!)

got to work today, sink less full of dishes. but drying rack is overflowing with dishes that need to be put away. i still haven't done them because it's casual, calm, collected fridays. fridays are now always to be calm. no matter what! it's the weekend. i have to start friday mornings right so that i have good energy to bring home to boytoy, pig, huckaboo! and whoever else i spend time with on saturdays and sundays.

i start therapy today. we shall see if that is good or not... :) 

also, rene and quinn and lady guest are coming to spend a weekend with me living "this philly life." i'm sure i will update with funny stories or maybe some photos. didn't take pictures with chelsea and i regret that, but i will this weekend. much love to ya'll. 

CCC Friday, pass it on.

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