Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what is your perfect morning?

adam and i discussed what our perfect mornings would be..

here is mine:
waking up at 5:45 feeling rested...
get to y2 by 6:30.
a full practice, no rushing. 
a shower.
a cup of coffee at la colombe. (maybe with a friend?)
getting to work and not feeling rushed.

rushing. that is the one thing that really bugs me. i like to take it slow. the practice. the bus. the walking. if i could be at work everyday by 9, i would be happy. seriously thrilled.

i don't have to work til 8:30 tomorrow, which is also good.
and 9 on friday~ that means i can go to jill-ji's led class.

i looked down at my painted toe nails today and felt like i was channeling kcdv a little bit! :)

practice was good today. i did a few slight adjustments to some poses due to the new tat. i didn't bind in any mari's. didn't attempt supta k. and some other stuff. it's interesting. having a new tattoo is slightly like having an injury. (i mean, it is a wound full of ink!) but it makes you take things slow~ it makes you really aware of what you are doing with your body~ it is good for some things... but i'm ready for it to heal so i can really delve deep into my practice next week when jill is subbing. yay!

more guest's coming this weekend~ quinn/her lady friend and rene.

josh and asher might go to new york which would give me some space to have guests but if not. then it's a packed mad house at 4052!  

fun times!

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