Friday, February 6, 2009

banana bread baking...

i like to bake. i do not like to cook. cooking is stressful for me. too many things to watch out for all at the same time...

when i bake, i lay out all the ingredients. i normally put away all the ingredients before i even mix, (it helps with the clean up process). i can do it slow and steady. it's scientific in a way. i just follow my directions. and normally all goes well. 

tonight i am baking my banana bread. no sugar, just agave and little unsweetened applesauce. it's basically vegan... but i use two eggs, fake butter. it's delicious. 

i'm going to wakeup yoga's sanskrit workshop with manorma this weekend. i was contemplating going to it a while back. but thought it was too pricey... but then i was like, what the f? it's my money. i should just spend it and have fun. 

also babysitting julian tomorrow night. so i'll make a little extra dough and get to do my laundry.

i practiced sunday. monday. tuesday. thursday. this week. (ladie's holiday on wed. friday off)

we'll see about practicing maybe some sun salutations tomorrow. i'm cooking the boytoy breakfast in bed for ditching him on our day off together... when yoga (or anything related) calls.. that's where i be!!! 


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