Tuesday, February 24, 2009

upavistha to supta. it makes sense.

upavistha konsana, 5 breaths. (1st part)
upavistha konasana, 5 breaths.  (upward facing angle pose..)
supta konasana, 5 breaths. (sleeping angle pose..)
supta konasana, balance for a breath/moment in time..
supta konasana, land quietly..

about to do backbends... i hear jill-ji say: it's tuesday, inhale, exhale...
and i remembered that she told me about how in mysore, poses only get given on certain days and tuesday is one of those days. 
when i realized what was happening, i was already in and out of supta konasana and that was that.
doing upavistha to supta konasana in a mysore setting really allowed me to understand how these poses work together. how they counter act each other. why they are like this in the series.
i'm amazed at how with every new pose, i find this practice more beautiful and well crafted. thanks guriji!! :) 

these photos are from ashtangayoga.info

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