Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what would you do if you were 25 again?

convo between me and adam this morning:

ad: how was practice?
me: ehhh. bad.
ad: that's good. a bad practice is good for you.

true that. we can't always have good practices. sometimes the hard ones teach us the most.

on another note, not having a great day. baby vomit and poop galore.


on another note, what would you do if you were 25 again?

am i happy being a nanny? sometimes. 

do i want to do it for forever? no.

what would i be doing if i wasn't a nanny? who knows. but i do know that i would be doing yoga 6 days a week. no rushing to work. no skipping led classes on fridays. 

what do i want to do in august when my lease is up? stay in philly? most likely. stay in the apartment alone, sounds good. job wise? ehhhh. i don't know.

i'm having a quarter life crisis almost everyday. i need guidance.

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jpMarquardt said...

move to austin or at least come visit.