Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"from here to maternity"

did the philadelphia weekly really not have anything more interesting than a pregnant teen to grace their cover this week??

i read the article, "from here to maternity: a pregnant teen weighs her options."

i thought it would be more interesting. instead it's a 18/19 year olds sob story of how she got pregnant as a freshman in college and decided to stay pregnant but isn't sure if she will keep said baby or give to a family for adoption...

i'm pro-choice. i'm definitely PRO-ABORTION! i'm pro-keeping. i'm pro-adoption.

but let me say this again, i'm so pro-abortion it hurts.

i don't understand some peoples decisions to keep children, but that's their lives and not mine.

i have friends who have SUCCESSFULLY had children at the age 18/19/20 and raised them. those kids are for sure the coolest kids ever! and very well raised. 

i also have friends who have had abortions.

but the philadelphia weekly article just really bugs me. it's boring. really boring. it's about nothing of importance. people are pregnant and having abortions or not having abortions all the time.

ughh. also, "the secret life of the american teenager" is the most ridiculous show on earth. i saw 10 minutes of it on monday and i just could NOT believe my eyes and ears.

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