Thursday, February 12, 2009

something fabulous, something delicious, something blue?

something fabulous: going into head stand with straight legs, doing half head stand from head stand, and landing quietly.. (teacher stood by me. but didn't assist... first time!)

something delicious: honey nut rice cakes with almond butter on top! yummmmy.

something blue: my whole outfit: two-toned blue socks, blue jeans, blue florida tshirt, blue "jp" sweatshirt, blue "juno-ish"  jacket!!!


practice was strong today. i'm working on getting my breath back in order. after having a cold, it's been lagging in that department. 

i'm finally rolling around in garbha p. and not getting stuck. my hands are on and off my head the whole time... eventually they will stay (bandha's much?). i'm doing a few little rolls to get into kuku. yay. i'm having fun with this pose now.

i've decided that the bandha's needed for rolling in garbha p. sets you up for the final portions of primary series. so it takes time. but i know that if i keep on practicing, everything falls into place. one asana sets you up for another. it's magical. seriously magical.

what is also beautiful? a thursday morning practice on a freshly mopped floor. it's magnificent! 

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