Sunday, February 22, 2009

c is for la colombe.

sunday morning, waiting for the bus on 41st and chestnut.

sunday morning, drinking la colombe, conversing...
amanda's mug shot.
quinn's mug shot.
kirstin's mug shot.
rene's mug shot.
lover's for life. me and quinn before she heads back to bk!

sunday: practice comes first. la colombe. anthropologie sale rack. bread from parc. homemade lunch by rene. talk talk talking with friends.

saturday: early morning diner breakie. farmer's market and a pumpkin woopie pie. reading terminal and flying monkey cupcakes. chinatown and old city walk thru tours by amanda. old city coffee. hummus for lunch in west phila, illa. step up 2 the streets. a little home dance party. greenline for kirstin's brother's guitar show. evan's pizza for some dinner. dancing at sister's for mardi gras party. 

friday: qdoba. hanging out. fresh grocer. talk talk talking. sleep.... maybe?

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