Tuesday, March 17, 2009

how to do your hair at the bus stop on 19th and chestnut.

well. the key here is to not care about what people think.

the end.

got to y2 at 6:13ish... got to see adam and the morning crew. had a quick breathing exercise with david. chanted. practiced. intensity.  the place filled up.

i was done by 7:40. quick savasana... sad. i took a quick shower. like 30 seconds. got dressed with a wet body.. and ran down the stairs to the bus stop.

realized the bus was a few blocks away so i proceeded to put on my face lotion at the bus stop on 19th and chestnut.. and while i was at it.. i sprayed some surf spray into my entangled hair and fluffed it up a few times. shook it out. and then realized the people in the cars were staring...
but i figured... what the hey? who cares. hahaha. this bus stop is my home. 

working everyday at 8 starting today. practicing everyday at 6:15. 

what a week!?

huckabee and pig pictures coming soon. aka when i'm home at night and have my laptop full of goodies.

singing and signing off! 
amanda kain

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