Sunday, March 8, 2009

i almost didn't make it...or old speckled hen is so yum.

let me set the scene: went out last night for some brews with my college buds. we went to barbes. it was packed. we got some drinks. stood in a corner. i flirted. i cause trouble. it's who i am.

old speckled hen. great beer. i got it solely for the name.. but it turned out to be good. i had 1 and a half.. alexis drank my other half.

we make it home. hang out. watch old college videos. it's insane to see yourself a few years back. i was definitely like 15-20 lbs heavier... but i never thought i was "fat." i guess my confidence was so strong that i never realized i heavy for a short girl.


anyway, this blog is not about weight. or beer. it's about my philly life and the adventures that ensue.


scene starts here:
alarm goes off at 7:20am. i turn it off. get back into the twin bed with alexis. she asked me if i was going to yoga, and i said, i need a few more minutes. after going over the reasons why i should go to practice or should just sleep... practice got the best of me... and i got dressed and went out the door by 7:40 am.

5 minutes to get to subway.
10 minutes to wait for train.
15-20 minute ride to 2nd Ave stop..
15 minute, slow and steady, no rush walk to shala.
i still get there at like 8:30... too early. (50 minute commute i think...)

i sit in tomkins square park and think about life. i read my new book. i see a yogi walk by. i figured she was also going to guy's shala. so i follow her to see if she knows when the doors open.
we wait together. her friend shows up. another guy shows up. eventually the door opens.

once inside, i have no idea what is happening. i hang up coat. take off shoes. drop trous. shove clothes into bag. head into shala...sign my waiver, leave my 20 dollars on a counter and hope for the best.

i do my sun salutes slow and steady. i'm always always always nervous practicing in a new setting. i take deep breaths and just jump in. guy walks over to me during my b's and asked my name. i said amanda. he shook his head in a nod of approval seeing that i already signed my waiver and left money and let me go on my way.

during the opening chant, my heart was pounding. i don't know why i got so nervous, but i could barely chant. maybe just being in new york was overwhelming. or a new setting. new teacher. not knowing a single soul.

practice was so intense. i felt like had to do my best practice since i was new. i was very focused. breath so strong. sweaty doesn't even begin to describe my life.

guy adjusted me in a few poses. i didn't expect that. but on my waiver it says i practice 4-5 times a week, so i guess he knew i wasn't fucking around with the practice. i normally don't expect to get adjusted from new teachers right away, but his adjustments were exactly what i needed.

i did my closing. he helped me in headstand and i have a little more clarity over the headstand situation. i grab my belongings from cubby, and as i head out the door, i mouth the words "thank you" to him and he nods.

50 minute commute back to brooklyn. i walked slow and steady on the way home because of my yoga high. i felt like i knew the area really well and i found my way back to the subway no problem.

train had a bunch of delays. but i read my book and waited for my stop.

got a little turned around when i got out of station.. but eventually found my way back to alexis's apt. now she is cooking me breakfast and singing prince. i love her. xoxo

david comes in a little over a week. i'm ready. ready ready. and steady.

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