Thursday, April 2, 2009

blissed out.

i left the shala this morning feeling insanely blissed out. maybe it's the backbending. maybe it's the fact that i got to shower after practice. maybe it's the fact that it was 50 degrees this morning and i wore shorts and legwarmers and no pants over them on the way to practice.

spring is coming. i see it. i feel it. i hear it. the sun...the birds. it's all coming.

today was my 5th day of practice. unlike last week, which was 2 measly days.. but it is what it is. right? 

tomorrow, i'll take off, then on saturday i'm planning on going to jill-ji's vinyasa class at wakeup. i gotta get my jill-ji fix before she heads out to who knows where!.. and before i head out to.... 

i feel my body getting stronger. it feels good. it feels really damn good. it makes me want to go to practice all the time. stronger. faster. harder. kanye anyone? 

um, like i said. i'm blissed out/ like a hippy on a shamanic high in peru. or something like that. without the shaman and without the "medicinals." :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh that was you I was practicing next to this morning.
I thought it was some angelic being or some bendy ashtanga rockstar.
fooled me
I admire bird
enjoy the zoom