Sunday, April 5, 2009

parenthood: tastes like coffee.

i'm tired. i drank way too much coffee today. i think parenthood tastes like coffee and i'm not sure if i like it. which is fine. because i'm not having kids anytime soon. maybe in the early 30's. in the mean time, off to bed. the yogasana is intense. i'm super sore in the ribcage and abdomen area. jill-ji's vigorous vinyasa on saturday was so fun and i feel like i got to stretch and move in ways that i don't normally get to during my weekly mysore practice.

i decided that sunday-thursday is mysore at yogasquared.
fridays are off.
saturdays are for jill's class at wakeup.

that's how it's gonna be until the jill-ji moves away! :(   

then i will find a new saturday fun class. 

ok, well, this is super lame. passover this week in baltimore. i'll take photos of the babus chaos so you can see why i left the place. haha. xo

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