Monday, April 27, 2009

the end of an era.

or what seems like an era. 

my wart has finally healed itself and removed itself from my body. yay! this all happened back in oct/nov when i got a little piece of glass in my foot and tried to remove it with a steak knife and a pocket knife. not a good idea! i learned my lesson.

now there is a crater of space in my heal with fresh pink alive skin. no callous. no wart. it's magical.

i'm happy. but also extra paranoid about getting warts now. so i guess i'll be extra careful from now on. 

i feel like i have nothing exciting going on to blog about. iowa was a good time. lots of down time. lots of eating. i feel like i gained at least 5 pounds on this trip, all of which went to my face and lovehandles. oh well. with a few weeks of practice and some better eating habits, i should be back to normal. i missed practicing. i even brought a mat with me. which i threw away on the way home because it was taking up space (don't worry, it was old and a manduka which will biodegrade in the landfill.) if there would have been a place to practice astanga i know that i would've gone and explored and practiced. but there wasn't and i didn't want to waste money or time on some crazy vinyasa yoga in iowa that i probably wouldn't have liked. anyway, i didn't make it to practice today. i woke up at 6am. and then decided sleep was needed because i didn't sleep well all week in iowa and i was also sick... so i slept in because i didn't have to be at work til 10:30. so that's what i did.

i'm practicing with jill-ji as my teacher on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and maybe i'll try and get to a saturday morning wakeup class before i hang out with my aunt ellen who is coming in for her husbands med school reunion.

that's all for now.

also, my bosses finally saw my tattoos and they didn't care. so that's good also.

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