Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i fought the law and the law won! or...

i fought the mat and the mat won.

i went to practice today. first day back in probably about a week and a half. i got there at 6:15. did my sun salutations with a runny nose and decided i should probably get a tissue after my first B. i got through almost all the foundational asanas and then i felt insanely nauseous. i sat down. i don't know if it was the heat. (the studio was self heated... from the outside heat not even the internal heat. i was sweating after like 5 minutes of being inside.) or that i saw the lady next to me with a nose bleed. (nose bleeds make me feel light headed!) or if it was just the fact that i'm kinda sick, kinda tired and kinda just not used to being on the mat...

so i was sitting. and jill-ji comes over and tells me to finish the foundations and come back tomorrow. i barely got through the foundations. it took me a few minutes to realize what exactly the foundations even were. i felt kind of like i was in a daze. wow. 

i'm glad i went to practice. i'm glad i did what i could. i'm glad i have good teachers who understand what it's like to go through what you go through on the mat.

i guess we will see what tomorrow has in store!

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