Tuesday, August 4, 2009

liberty lands.

saw this amazing poster on the bulletin board in the liberty lands park that is a mere 2 second walk from my apartment. the graphics next to the poster are what really caught my eye. i need to go back there tomorrow morning and take another two photos of the artwork. i just snapped this with my phone while walking the pig-beast this morning, was kinda in a rush.

top ten things i love about my new place/area:
1-my room used to be an attic, it's cozy and it has the cutest little nook windows.
2-a quick 10 minute bike ride to work instead of 20 minutes.
3-i'm right across the street from the piazza.
4-1shot coffee is my new coffee shop and it's adorable and it has sofas.
5-liberty lands park is behind my house and it's amazing.
6-honey's sit and eat is a 5 minute walk from my apt.
7-my apartment is quiet and has central air.
8-my apartment is mold free.
9-my dog is happy. (she has stairs to run up and down now and so much more space)
10-my apartment is officially the LOVE NEST.

will blog more when i get some more time. gonna take some pics tomorrow once we get some stuff up on the walls.

night night.

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Tom Magee said...

I thought you were in South Philly? Liberty Lands is nice. Say hello to Jesse at the Foodery for me!