Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yin yoga; hard yoga?

this image is from, it's called "lizard pose."

imagining doing this pose and holding it for 5 minutes! and then doing something equally as uncomfortable and doing that for 5 minutes. then doing another pose for 5 minutes. then doing it all on the other side of your body. f-ing a man! that was hard. i wanted to go to corina's 545 class at fairmount, but time was against me.. so i decided to venture over to wakeup south for the first time. i've never been and i wasn't sure if i knew how to get there, but magically i had the address memorized and i knew the cross streets... so i got there. planned on doing vinyasa with jill b. but i was the only taker on that note, so her and i took mickey's yin class. i'm tired just thinking about. i'm interested to see how my body reacts to such a class. i was blissed out of mind afterwards. i seriously was high. i didn't know my way home from south philly (well i do know how to get home, but not the fastest route) so i just rode and rode and found 3rd street and took it alllll the way home. it was a 25 minute bike ride. talk about my hammies & quads. they were burning up afterwards. i'm ready for bed and it's 9:15. i don't really go to sleep til 10 so i will finish watching hell's kitchen with my boytoy and pack up my stuff and see if i can make it to early morning mysore tomorrow. (haven't been since monday, home practice tuesday, yin today.)

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Marina J said...

Lovely pose! It’s a pose you can spend minutes in and allow gravity to further increase your flexibility. I would like to add this pose into my sun salutations, after the third or fourth round.
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