Monday, August 10, 2009

secret agent yogi.

often in the early morn, before the sun has risen, i feel like secret agent yogi. a yogi on a mission to get to the shala in time to practice and shower. and then once the sun is up, i feel like not-so-secret agent nanny on a mission to get from yoga to work successfully (which means on time, alive and with coffee in hand.) mission complete.

(this was my facebook status a few minutes ago).

um. so i really feel like a yogi on a mission. especially the mornings when i have to be at work by 8am. today was one of those days. luckily asher doesn't have to work today, so his mission is to take out sage and feed her so i don't have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to do that. my alarm goes off at 5:40. i contemplate going back to bed. thinking to myself, it's still dark out? i haven't been up this early since... i don't know when. now that i live in northern liberties, my bike ride to yoga is longer and harder. it's more "uphill" and more turns.... i used to go straight down chestnut to yoga squared. now i go up 2nd, to spring garden, left on 21st and then left onto chestnut. today i made the mistake of going down 19th but then realizing that the circle was ahead, i cut down callowhill to 21st to finish the commute. took me 17 minutes today, but i think it will take less time if i didn't have such a heavy back pack (which i did today, full of towels and food and clothes, etc.) also, had that little detour.. anyway.

yogi on a mission. i have to lock up the bike, go up the stairs, unload my stuff, roll out the mat, check in with my breath and then BAM i'm practicing. so much goes into this. it feels like its not worth it sometimes. like maybe i don't want to do all this extra stuff, like riding the bike, unloading, reloading, practicing, biking again. etc. i enjoy waking up, taking out my dog and going straight to work. practicing at work is quite enjoyable and also practicing at home is as well. for now, i will continue my daily morning rituals and missions to get to yoga and do my practice with all my buds at yoga squared. ps- the merger is cancelled. so yoga squared stays! yay. but if i get accepted into wake up yoga's teacher training, my practice will be mostly there (vinyasa classes! which are wayyyyy fun. :) ) and then on the days i don't go there, i will do in home practices. i don't think i'll have the time or effort to be going to y2 as much. but it's ok. i have a solid practice now. and i feel competent to do it at home, in the park, in the shower, on the streets, anywhere really.

my arms are extremely sore right now. i'm challenging myself in so many ways now with my practice and my arms are feeling brutal. my wrists have a soreness that hopefully will go away once i develop more strength in my core. who knows.

i want adam to guest blog on here. so i'm saying it out loud. right now. so adam! you will guest blog. whatever topic you choose (yoga?)

that's all/
signing off,
secret agent yogi.


Anonymous said...

This is Adam
I will guess blog soon.
This morning I practiced up in NYC at The Shala House, nice sweet and missing my peeps at YogaSquared..Y2
I will see Amanda again early in the mornings at Y2

soon soon

alice said...

I bike to work+yoga as well, living here in Portland, OR the commute is quite pleasant, but I still haven't been able to drag myself out of bed for a pre-work yoga fix! Using my Ortlieb pannier is my favorite thing in the world. Takes all that weight off my back and I barely notice it on my rear rack! I am starting a teacher training as well, and enjoy reading about your yogi adventures! Salud :)

Amanda said...

good to hear from a fellow yogi/biker. i just got a chrome backpack and it's amazing. hope your training goes well and you learn a ton!!