Monday, December 8, 2008

hello adam!

tonight was eric powell's 2nd ramaswami vinyasa class at yoga squared. ezgi and i went to his class for the first time tonight. the whole class was prep work for arm balances, which we didn't do and i'm glad we didn't do... oiy. needless to say, this class was hard!!! i'm already feeling sore. next week something new... i like that. you never know what's in store. the studio was jam packed with a bunch of faces i've never seen before and a few familiar mysore folks. i'm starting to really feel like i'm part of this ashtanga community in philly. i love it. i feel like i have this family that really knows what you're going through. these past two days i got to hang out with baby julian after/before practicing. he's adorable, very mild-tempered. he makes me want a child. but not for a while of course! 

i'm tired. off to bed. hopefully i'll make it to mysore tomorrow, if i'm not tooooooo sore. :)

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Anonymous said...

that baby...babbles, moves around, sleeps, poops, pees, eats.
most of life is this basic stuff...lots to learn from that baby.