Tuesday, December 30, 2008

private lesson.

this is a photo of my friend rolling up his mat after our private lesson. it was extremely awesome to have the opportunity to teach my friend "g." he doesn't practice yoga regularly so we modified the sequence a little, shortened the breath count, cut out some sun salutations... i think we did really well in the modifications. i even brought my bamboo block and strap!! i'm such a prepared little yogi!! :)  i think that this was probably the best learning experience i've had teaching so far. i've been practicing with my teacher training friends but we all know the sequence pretty well and do asana often and teaching them is sometimes unchallenging. by unchallenging, i mean that we all know how to get into warrior 1, so if for example i messed up my description of getting into warrior 1, my yoga peeps would still do it correctly... a bunch of us decided we would practice exactly what was being taught to us so we (the teachers in training) could see what we needed to work on in terms of describing asanas... but that really only goes so far... anyway, i'm excited to do this more. i think i turned over a new leaf! thanks g!

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