Thursday, December 25, 2008

notes on an in home practice

today was my first "mysore" practice at home. i've been telling myself that i would start to practice at home on the days that the shala is closed or the days i don't go, but so far, no go. i was going to practice yesterday but i ate too much junk and felt crappy... so today i practiced.

first things first, i had to negotiate with my boyfriend in order to get him to hang out in our bedroom while i practiced in the living room. he didn't want to go... so we essentially had to make a deal. the deal was that i would get 40 minutes to practice alone while he hung out in the bedroom, and my end of the deal was that i had to watch the x-files movie with him tonight. (i've been dreading having to see this with him). i said i wanted more time to practice so he gave me 5 more minutes if i paid the 1 dollar redbox rental fee. i can't believe i just made a deal with the devil in order to practice yoga.

anyway, he went to the bedroom and set his alarm. took the dog. a book. a laptop. he was talking to himself about how cold he was and that made me laugh during my first few sun salutations. he put on regina spektor which was distracting to me, but i worked on my breath and that helped me a lot. it didn't distract me that my apartment was in total disarray. i thought it would, but it didn't. i enjoyed practicing at home.

one thing i couldn't get off my mind was, "i know it's been almost 45 minutes. he's coming out soon. i don't want him to see me in a compromising position.. finish up!"

i stopped at kurmasana today. that's around the time he came out. i couldn't get past my ego on this one. i can't do supta k. alone. and i can't roll around in garbha p. alone. and i didn't want to look like fool. so i went straight to closing..

closing: i rushed through it. i was distracted majorly. a few key things during closing, a butt slap, my tits looked nice and whatever else he was doing just made me want to get through the closing and off the mat. i love the closing sequence so this was sad.

looks like i'll be practicing in the mornings from here on out when i'm at home.. pictures of my space below.. 

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