Sunday, December 21, 2008

in philly, it's who you know..

i had a stomach virus last week. it was crippling. i didn't practice, i didn't eat. i just curled up and slept and dreamed of yoga... 

after a week of no mysore, i went back to y2 and had an enlightening experience. i told myself, "take it easy... it's okay if you only practice the sun salutations, standing and closing." so that's what i did for my first day back on the mat. 

every movement i made, i was very aware of. i knew what my hands where doing while in updog, i knew what my feet were doing in the warriors, i felt very connected to my body and the way i was moving. it was very thrilling. i also am learning how to really listen to myself and i'm glad that i didn't push myself into doing the primary series after being sick for almost a week.

the second day back was definitely good. i did my "full" practice and rushed off to work...

i took friday off. saturday i practiced with my good friend sara at dhyana yoga. we took justicia's class. i love justicia! ahh. so fun. 

today was sunday mysore at y2. it's normally packed but today there were fewer. it was icy out and it's the beginning of the holiday week so i think a lot of people are already out of town. 

i had a fun practice today. my teacher stood with me while i did headstand. i've been very reluctant to practice a full headstand. i've really been wanting to work on getting up with straight legs. so today i went up and i got to do a headstand away from the wall. fun fun fun.

also, during my backbends, i was told that i'll take the next pose (garbha pindasana) after supta kurmasana... so that's cool. moving on.

adam, a shala buddy, gave me a ride home. we got chanukkah coffee which was fun. we talked about some cool things, and something that is resonating with me is "in philly, it's who you know.." i feel like i'm making some really incredible connections here in philly. the people i'm surrounding myself with are very important and i'm learning sooo much.

adam, thanks for the coffee and ride and conversation. it was very much appreciated!



Anonymous said...

you rock

Amanda said...

you rock more! :)

Anonymous said...

ok we both rock
you rock more
for you are on the way to supernova infinty biggest megarockstar rocking
So there