Wednesday, December 24, 2008


positive thinking is the way to go. although sometimes it's easy to thinking negatively. 

i've been manifesting so many things in my life through the power of positive thought.

it's kind of awesome. kind of freaky. definitely cool. 

also... been learning to trust myself and my instinct. 

i find that to be exhilarating. to allow yourself to make a decision and for that decision to be the correct decision for your path. 

i'm tired. this is vague. but kind of what's on my mind currently. more later.


jpMarquardt said...

cesyou been reading the secret?

Amanda said...

no i haven't been reading the secret.... i'm just tapping into my powerful self. my magical powerful self!

Anonymous said...

No masters.
Only you.
The master is you.
Wonderful, no?

rock on

Amare Divino said...

The power of positive thinking is amazing. I gotta get back on my own happy-wagon soon...