Monday, September 14, 2009

10 days off, back to work.

it's hard going back to work after not working for 10 days. seriously hard.

i went to providence. i practiced. i ate good delicious food. i rejuvinated.

i came back to philly. did an immersion practice with corina on friday. rejuvination!!

jp came to town and we hung out for the weekend. fun times. coffee drinking. amazing weather yesterday. i also made it back to y2 to a solid practice yesterday.

i didn't make it to y2 this morning, but i just threw down my mat for a few sun salutes. i feel really sluggish. not sure if it's the work thing. or the staying up late thing. or just whatever... i might try to hit up wake up tonight for a class. i think starting this week i have tuesday and thursday mornings off until 11:30, which will be awesome because i can go to practice later! yay.

ummm. yoga sutra closed down in philly. didn't expect that to actually happen. wow. ok.

back to work. back to work. back to life.

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