Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the journey starts today.

day one of yoga teacher training.

2 hours. all women. lots of info. my brain feels full and i decided for my brain's sake i will NOT look at TT manuals tonight, but will bring them to work and will dive into them tomorrow.

this upcoming weekend is our first intensive. i'm excited for them, but more excited to get to know the women in my class.

i'm partnered up with a woman in fishtown, there wasn't a third person that lived close enough to us, so for now, it's her and i. maybe someone from the southphilly group will join us eventually. who knows. i'm looking forward to getting a mentor.

i'm not gonna lie.. i totally totally totally, FOR real, cried during the opening chant at TT tonight because i missed jill so much. i know that this training WILL BE AMAZING, but i can't help but think of how fun it would have been to have jill as my TT teacher.. i also just miss her saturday morning classes, drop back workshops, practicing at y2, drinking coffee at la colombe.

i'm so beat. night.

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gentle hug give to bird
from bear
<3 <3