Thursday, September 24, 2009

ass up in the air.

i think it's inappropriate to come talk to a yoga student about things other than that asana while her ass is up in the air during supta konasana.

done. and done.


on another note. i'm stoked for teacher training this weekend.

on another note. my bosses decided last minute not to send their child to playschool today and expected me to answer their phone calls and texts at 8 in the morning. i told them i would be at yoga. (and i was because i didn't have to work until 11ish and i didn't rush through my practice and i didn't rush to get there and it was nice!) so i answer bosses pleas around 8:45.. i think they were having a collective heartattack because they needed to get to work and i was nowhere to be found! hilarious. they asked if i could pick j up from school (as it turns out they tried to take him to school as a last result because nanny was missing.) and i told them fine. even though i had a morning of reading to do and coffee to drink. and now i have to keep my cell phone on my mat on vibrate if i ever practice on tuesday or thursdays so that i can be reached in case of "not going to school today" emergencies. BULL SHIT.

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