Sunday, September 20, 2009

the life and times.. or the basil versus the bonsai.

the bonsai is asher's. the basil is mine (well, ours..)... hmm. look who's thriving in my no.libs. apt! the basil! apparently the bonsai is having a rough time.. i heard they are hard to keep alive and i think that is an understatement!
my mom gave me a slow cooker (crock pot!). we are initiating it's use on the same day we got it! that's pretty rad. me and the asher and the morgan decided to make a beef stew: carrots, onions, garlic, 17 beans and lentils mix from tj's, potatoes, and some kind of beef stew meat on sale. it's going to cook overnight and when i come home from work tomorrow, dinner is served!



morganzola said...

you are home.. time for face-stuffin'!!

Tina said...

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