Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TT in full swing

just completed the first weekend of wakeup teacher training (TT). woah nelly. lots of info. lots of talking. lots of asana-ing. i love the group of women i am learning with. we have 3 awesome teachers. i am seriously looking forward to every meeting we have together. wednesday nights are now a staple of my week. i don't have much to blog about, but i did get to teach a lunging surya namaskara. i didn't fail completely, but wasn't exactly on point. i need to find my "voice."

i'm stoked for our retreat together. i'm stoked for david keil coming in november. i'm stoked for some manorama-ji. i'm stoked for jill-ji's winter solstice workshop weekend.

my friend in california has this tattoo on his ankle. "fun is fun is fun" it's in a circle. so it keeps going and going and going.

remember to have fun! it's so important.

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