Wednesday, February 17, 2010

flashback memories.

the other day, in a sweet sweet savasana, i had memories of my grandmother who passed away in november 2008. seems like such a long time ago. i also had similar memories of my trip to black rock city for burning man in 2006. now that was forever ago.

sometimes i forget about the crazy adventures i've had...

being on the mat, laying there, resting in savasana, it allows me to deeply relax and whenever a memory comes up like my grandmother or burning man or the time i spent working in yosemite, california... i cherish them.

it seems like my mind stores these memories away and i don't think about them for long periods of time... but then, something will trigger a memory and it lingers for days.

i wonder if anyone else experiences this? or is their experience more like sleep, and they checkout in savasana. or maybe their mind is restless and racing.

i like having these memories. i also like checking out in savasana. the restless and racing mind is never good in what i like to call "savsies" (short for savasana). i tend to have a restless mind before bed sometimes.. maybe i need to start practicing "savasana" in bed to relax.

ok. well that's the thought of the day.

anyone else have interesting experiences in savasana? or on the mat in general?

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Lana said...

yesterday in Savasana i was touched by something 3 times. It was pretty strange. I told it to stop after the 3rd time and it did. I wonder if anyone else had this happen to them.