Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I think about practice a lot. The practice of yoga. The practice of life. The practice of love.

While the baby napped today at work, I practiced full primary. I placed my bosses mat in the kitchen and I practiced. There was no teacher, except for the internal manifestations of past & current teachers. There was no incense or special lighting. There were no yoga friends, except for the friends I carry in my heart. I was in a kitchen, the floor covered in crumbs and I practiced yoga.

Breath was steady. Mind was steady. Body a little tight. Savasana so good.

A great thing about yoga is that you can literally drop your mat, almost anywhere, and practice. It's a matter of making time for it. It's a matter of eating and drinking properly. It's a matter of getting proper rest. I love that yoga is something I can do at home while Asher does his homework and our dogs are running around like crazy beasts. I love that I have a job that allows me to do yoga while a baby sleeps. I love that I can go to mysore in the morning or even in the evening. I love that I could go to a vinyasa class mid-day. I love that I could practice in a hotel room. Or in my backyard (if I had one). I could practice in an airport (maybe not).

My facebook status from earlier:

'yoga practice is yoga practice despite where you lay your mat, despite the teacher that may or may not be there, despite the time of day, despite the "style" in which you practice. (today was: mysore style @ work in the kitchen, used the boss ladies mat from 130-3pm, me myself and i).'

I have a friend who has a tattoo that says "fun is fun is fun" and it's in a circle and essentially the circle keeps going and going...

I like to sometimes think of Yoga like that. Yoga is yoga is yoga.

I'm tired. goodnight.

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