Wednesday, February 24, 2010

keepin up with the jonesie jones.

Practice this week:

Sunday: Led Primary
Monday: Wakeup Vinyasa
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: Mysore
Thursday: (most likely home practice?)
Friday: depends on weather
Saturday: Wakeup Vinyasa

I almost didn't practice today. Life is hectic these days. My bosses had their new baby a week ago. Everything is changing. Their older son is starting to freak out. I'm starting to lose it also. I slept in yesterday and I needed to recharge. So that was good. I would've practiced at night, but instead met up with my old boss from California. Anyway, so I practiced today. I went to SYS.. I walked there because I left my bike in Center City yesterday (it was too rainy to ride home at night). I was the 2nd student there. It was a small, intimate group today. I had 2.5 drinks last night, so practice was a little rocky today. I still practiced and that's the most important thing. I needed it.

This is the thought of the day: Practice is good, even when it's 'bad.'

I'm always happy when I get to spend some quality time with myself on the mat.

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Anonymous said...

really like the thought of the day
like the bird