Sunday, February 21, 2010

tapping into your own power.

Sundays are fundays. (right?!)

Sundays are Led primary days. (for me at least)

Sundays are the days I challenge myself and learn so much, especially when I'm on the mat. (Oh hells yeah)

Today I went to Led Primary at SYS. Teacher leads a steady, solid count. It's a challenging class, but that's what I like about it. I push my edges.

Sometimes, as a human being, I do not always know my own strength. I assume that other people may have this problem as well. But I will speak from my own perspective. In terms of yoga, there are asanas that have taken me a long time to physically understand. Even though I can practice the asana, with less effort and more ease, I still am tapping into my own power. Sometimes it takes a teacher teaching you something new in order to tap into yourself. Sometimes it takes self exploration. Sometimes it just takes time. Maybe it takes all of these things. Not maybe, it does take time, self exploration and some time with a teacher that teaches in a way that works for you. (verbal, hands-on, visual, etc.)

I found myself wanting to push my edges today. No one told me to do it, just me. The teacher within me wanted more. I wanted to see what else this body of mine could do.

During the vinyasas in between sides and poses, I decided to see if I could jump back and jump through with more fluidity. I tapped into this power source within myself and had a totally new experience.

I didn't realize my own strength. I feel like for quite sometime I was probably just floating right along in a sea of yogis. I was putting in the effort, but maybe I was phoning it in a little. Today, it was 110% effort all the way. The bar was set and I kept wanting to meet the bar. Actually, I think I wanted to climb up and over the bar, over and over again.

Anyway, maybe I'm talking nonsense. Maybe i'm high from this new bodily experience of tapping into my power source. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'll float along in the sea of yogis again for a while. Maybe I won't.

Maybe it's time for bed. Night.

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