Monday, February 15, 2010

what's new? what's steady?

This winter has put a damper on my spirits. I haven't really wanted to leave the house in the morning for practice or for work... (who really wants to go to work anyway?) I remember last winter... I used to get up with excitement for practice. Maybe it's because it was new. I think it was also steady? hmmm. I was practicing 5-6 days a week. Anyway, that is the past. This is a new year. New apartment. New location. I made an effort to bike throughout the winter, except for a week after the blizzard in Dec. and a few days here and there that had a horrific wind chill. I haven't biked now since the snow storm two weeks ago. My bike is encased in snow. I also haven't driven either. I'm not much for inclement weather. I've been walking (feels really safe) and taking the train (feels really comfortable and mostly safe.) This walking and train taking has put a damper on my practice schedule. It's hard to get to Wakeup yoga without my car. I have made a trip to South Philly via train for Biz's class. I will probably do that again. For the mysore portion of my life, I've been walking. Wow. Yeah. I walk to yoga. I never thought that would be possible. Last year, in West Philly, before I started to bike, I took the bus to yoga in the morning and would drive on Sundays. Now, living in Northern Liberties, I'm a hop, skip and a jump away from many yoga shalas (Dhyana-Old City, Shanti Yoga Shala-Old City, Y2-Center City, etc.). Some locations are within walking distance, some are better off with a bike, some great via the EL ( but not when having to wait outside in the dark, scary cold for it...)

Anyway, I've been walking to SYS. It's 0.8 of a mile away. It takes me 15-17 minutes depending on my strut. On Sundays, I use an ipod. For early morning practices, I just listen to the quiet city. I haven't made it to many early morning practices via "the walk". I'm looking forward to hopping back on my bike in another week or so. I need more of the snow to melt and I'll feel better about riding. There's still a ton of ice. My practice is not steady at this point in my life. I don't have a consistent schedule and it's been super hard to practice at home, (even with the heat on, we have a major draft where I practice and it's pretty brutal to be on the mat.)

What i'm trying to say is.. nothing is new. nothing is steady. I'm sitting with this. I will have a new job soon and my schedule will change again. I'm hoping for some steadiness in my life soon. (probably after Teacher Training is over.) That seems so far away...

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