Friday, January 2, 2009

bringing in the new year right.

this week was full of asana practice. sunday mysore. monday mysore and vinyasa. tuesday mysore. wednesday mysore. thursday vinyasa. friday mysore. i also "taught" a little on monday and tuesday.

i am sore, but in a very rewarding way. 

i went to wake up yoga on new years day and got to practice with an amazing teacher, jill manning, and a very welcoming and warm community. there were a bunch of folks from y2 there and it felt very good to connect to them in a different studio/atmosphere. wake up yoga fairmount was super adorable. i like that there is no front desk or waiting room. you walk in and you're in it! in it to win it! i've never seen a studio set up this way and i think i love it. :)

jill played her harmonium while we chanted and that was also a treat! sooo fun. 

today i opened up y2 for a freestyle mysore practice because jill is sick. (feel better!) 5 of us practiced together with no teacher.. it was very quiet and quite beautiful. i think practicing on your own is hard... but with other yogi's... the energy picks up a bit and it's somewhat easier. 

i did try and roll in garbha p. didn't make it all the way around... working on it... "round things roll!!!" i kept saying this in my head after hearing jill say that during wednesday mysore. 

been doing a lot of backbending this week. i feel open. 

i also feel tired. now i must take rest.

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