Thursday, January 22, 2009

bruises. parking tickets. and the sutra.

i was standing in front of the mirror and i noticed bruises on the back of my arms. i know it's from garbha p. 

i got my first parking ticket tonight when i went to go clean y2. i put a dime in the meter and got 3 minutes. and that's all i had. so i figured that i'll probably get a ticket and i did. i know that i shouldn't drive to center city. but i just didn't feel like waiting for the bus any more today. i'm tired and it cost me $36 to be tired.

i woke up at 5:30am today to go to y2 but i felt like i needed more sleep so i skipped practice. i decided to go to yoga sutra for mary flinn's mysore in the evening. there were about 8 people there. the sounds from center city were loud. the lights were bright. the heat was up. i felt kind of out of place. but i just practiced and focused on my breath. i definitely love practicing at y2. i love my teacher. i love my community. i love the space. yoga sutra is very business. mary was a good teacher. she assisted me in most of the poses that my teacher assists me in. and that's the end of that.

off to bed. then off to work. then off to b-more. then doing some vinyasa class on sat. and a led primary on sun. woo woo. 

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