Wednesday, January 7, 2009

there are things i believe in... aka always listen to your motha!

i believe in pre-determined destiny and i believe in free-will. i believe we have choices to make in our life that will either positively or negatively effect our path. i believe Hashem (my g-d) will lead me in the right direction. i just have to trust and listen to myself to find the way.

i believe in listening to my mother. (most of the time). i believe she knows what is right when it comes to staying alive, as she has been alive 27 years more than me. she always told me to wear a helmet and i still always wear a helmet. i always try to get my friends to wear helmets. it's just something i believe in.

i know other's believe in helmets. i've heard stories. "i was riding my bike late at night, a woman hit me, my head hit the curb, the helmet saved my life." i believe the helmet is connected to our path. we can choose to wear one or choose not to wear one. some of us are lucky and never get hit. some of us are not so lucky, get hit and are saved by our helmet, our protection.

i got a text this morning from my amazing friend, "the helmet you made me buy saved my life last night. i got hit by a car. im ok. the man got arrested for dwi."

this confirms my belief even more. i have my helmet in my closet for when i choose to start riding a bike... but for now, i walk. and i hope i walk in the right direction. a direction where i listen to myself and always follow my beliefs. even if i look like a major dork in my helmet.

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Lisa said...

I really like this post. Miss you and love you!

--Lisa (H.) G.