Wednesday, January 28, 2009

musings from the mat.

surya namaskara 1: "oooh. this feels funny. i cant bend over. ok, fine, i'll bend my knees in uttanasana."

surya 2: "i'm just gonna keep on bending those knees, i feel like the tin man in the wizard of oz."

surya 3: "after two days of no practice, should it really be this hard to do a chaturanga dandasana?"

surya 4: "oooh. ok, the hamstrings are opening.. still feel like a tin man."

surya 5: "last one... then 5 more."

surya B's: "i'll just keep on stepping back instead of jumping. amanda, you're taking it easy for the first day back. you know, you haven't had a mysore practice since thursday... doesn't mean you didn't practice... but its like you were gone for 5 days."

eventually, my mind quieted. got through my practice. it was hard getting to y2. the ice, the sleet, feeling like i wanted to sleep although i went to bed at 9:40 last night and woke up at 5:40am today.. meaning i got 8 hours. i'm coming down with some kind of sore throat. i think i might take off again tomorrow. i need rest. this nanny job is draining. and the babies spread diseases like wildfire. 

on garbha p. 
rolling is becoming less fearful. and i'm trying to keep my hands on my head when i roll, which is hard to do, but that's what i'm working on. i got all the way around. and my teacher helped me roll up for kukutasana, although i chose to roll back and forth a bit to work on rolling up on my own.

that is all.

a weak week, as jill would say.

sunday: led primary in balto.
monday: moonday and podiatry appt.
tuesday: foot rest day.
wednesday: mysore.
thursday: unknown?
friday: rest day/date with asher at night?
saturday/sunday: foundations first. 

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