Sunday, January 25, 2009

structure vs. chaos, or why i love led primary counted in sanskrit!

i like structure. i like ashtanga. i like the living tradition. 

i do not like chaos. i do not like it when led primary is not counted in sanskrit. i do not like it when tradition is fucked with!

more on led primary: for some reason i thought all led primary classes are counted in sanskrit. ekam dve trini! that's what i fell in love with when i first took a led class. i was like, 'wow, this is beautiful!" i like the count. i like knowing when to inhale and exhale. without the count, it's chaos. pure chaos. i felt like i was waiting to exhale, when everyone else was already folded over and getting through 5 breaths in whatever pose we were doing. 

i guess i'm spoiled. during the first six months of my ashtanga practice, i got to practice in california. they counted in sanskrit. it was organized. everyone moved at the same pace (for the most part). it worked. here in philly, we have jill-ji who has an awesome count! i've also heard katherine's count is pretty rocking. i don't take many led classes here because of my schedule, but we count in sanskrit here in philly! they count in sanskrit in new york, well at least eddie stern does!

in baltimore, there was no sanskrit. i don't remember my summer practices. i practiced a few days a week, led classes only. they don't have mysore! i really don't remember if they counted in sanskrit or not. damn. i'm losing my mind. 

today's led primary was basically like any old vinyasa class. i'm very disappointed. i'm obviously a disgruntled ashtangi who takes her practice way tooooo seriously! :) but seriously, for the love of guriji and the practice. let's count in sanskrit. please.

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Jill Manning said...


it is very hard to learn the count, and once you experience the count it is hard to go back.