Saturday, January 24, 2009

pancakes laced with ambien, or my trip to baltimore in 10 points or less.

1- took 2.5 hours to get here. a plate full of food. played scrabble and lost. cuddled sister. slept.

2- sat. am: vinyasa yoga with sister.

3- pancakes and fake sausage for brunch. entire family except mother fell asleep right after!

4- walmart with dad. bought 48 rolls of toilet paper!

5- papermoon diner with owen and abby, i finally confessed how i think babies are secret sanskrit scholars. gaaaa gaaaa khhaa khaaa.

6- patterson theatre/creative alliance for kitty club. saw some peeps.

7- left show at intermission to come home and write this blog.

8- laundry next.

9- bed before midnight.

10-led primary tomorrow at charm city yoga, then brunch, coffee, philly!

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