Friday, January 16, 2009

how are things going?

on my goals:

dairy consumption has been cut back drastically. still eating indian food with dairy but i try to take lactaid pills and that normally helps.

sugar.. not putting it in coffee... not eating candy.. but still eating occasional sweets... it's the winter. i'm hibernating, obviously! 

garbha p! my arms in. they touch my face. and i'm beginning to almost make it around 9 times.. getting into kukutasana afterwards is another story.

honesty... sometimes i still lie to myself. i'm trying not to.

positivity... think i'm doing alright. occasional set backs, here and there. 

photoshop course: haven't thought about it yet.

computer time... still on it a lot... it's time to cut back though.  i have books i'm reading now! yay.

things to look forward to:

a workshop tomorrow called: looking forward while dropping back by jill manning. going with adam and i'm super excited!

going to eddie stern's shala in NYC for the first time ever with jill and whoever else is in the car.. going to the led class and workshop. i'm excited but nervous because i haven't taken a led class in a while. oh well! it will be fun and hard, i'm sure.

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