Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AYRI Day 2.

Field Notes on YR (yoga research):
AKB enjoys sleeping from 11pm until 7am (or later) and then riding her bike straight to work. She also slept really well after taking a night class on Monday evening. She expects to sleep well again tonight, as she went to another evening class today. Two days with no mysore and she is still mentally alive and well. Physically she is sore is different places, which is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Today I went to Corina's "Harmonizing Vinyasa," at 6pm in West Philly. I rode my bike from Center City to West Philly. I was insanely sweaty when I got to class, but I had ten minutes to change and relax on the mat a little. This class was a little less intense from the Vigorous Vinyasa yesterday, but I still got just as sweaty and had a very fun time. I even got to be a demonstrator on how to use a strap for bow pose. James (a yoga friend from the "old days") was in class. I love the West Philly space. It's more open than the Fairmount location. I love both though. Different but Equal. :)

I'm noticing how much I enjoy sleeping in during the week. If you count sleeping til 7, sleeping in.... Anyway, I love my Astanga practice. I seriously love it. Like I'd marry it, for better or for worse. Ya know what I mean? I think I could practice at night all the time. So I'm considering not going to mysore practice in the mornings anymore. Working with an 18 month old boy drains my energy so much and I need all the sleep I can get. I'm realizing how ridiculous it's been for me to be practicing at 6am and going to work from 8 to 530 everyday. I haven't needed to take a nap today or yesterday at 11am, since I've skipped the AM practice. So I will figure this all out. Something's gotta give. I guess I could go to bed earlier, but I don't see that happening right now. I'm enjoying my evenings with my loverboy.

Anyway, I also love Vinyasa classes when it's taught by great teachers such as Jill or Corina. There have been other's but those are the two I'm enjoying these days. I'm sure i'll find other teachers that impress me, but I just started this exploration, so it might take me a while to find my other Vinyasa teachers.

I was going to go to Corina's class tomorrow, but I would totally have to rush from work, so I think I'm going to pass. Instead, I'm going to sleep in, skip mysore again... and go to Acro Yoga with Justicia at Dhyana Yoga West Philly. Actually Justicia is another teacher whose Vinyasa class I greatly enjoy. Also, Jessica Puma at Dhyana is amazingly sweet and has very fun Vinyasa classes. Just haven't been to either of their classes in a while.. So, I will go to Acro and see some of my buddies tomorrow night. The plan is to take off on Thursday. Give my body a rest. I've been going strong since Friday. (friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday..wow!)

So Thursday off. Friday 6:30 led Primary with Jill-ji! Saturday Vinyasa with Jill-ji! then also open practice at y2 for rock and roll mysore. So I'll practice twice on Saturday... my second practice will be just exploring. Definitely not a full practice. More like practicing jumping back, maybe some handstands... whatever I want to do!

Um. Yeah. I got two classes with Corina this week. I will take two more with her next week, probably Monday and Tuesday again. Then I will decide if I want to do Wake Up Yoga's TT.

That's all folks for now.


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