Thursday, July 23, 2009

lunch hour yoga.

i've been having this problem lately with waking up super early for mysore practice. i've been experimenting with vinyasa classes at wakeup... i've thought about doing night time mysore...


i love the morning mysore crew. so i went on monday... practiced. and by 11am. i HAD HAD HAD to nap when the baby napped. so i was exhausted. tuesday night jill's vinyasa class. wednesday night corina's vinyasa class. i slept incredibly well both of those nights. thursday morning: today.

alarm was set for 5:45. i turned it off and decided i was not in the mood to be up and i went back to sleep with my loverboy for another hour or so.

i brought my mat and yoga clothes to work so that i could maybe practice while j-man napped.

so i did it. mysore practice in the kitchen. i think it ended up being a solid hour. no music. no candles. no incense. just me and the mat on a dirty kitchen floor. i did the entire practice, but it was quicker than usual because of being a "new place."

anyway, i feel really good about this. i might keep doing this lunch time yoga practice... when i don't make it to mysore mornings... which will now be at sutra. the word is out. squared is merging with sutra. don't ask me questions about it. but it's happening august 3rd. the end.

love to love you baby.

also. i'm definitely signing up for wake up's teacher training. i fall in love more and more with their style of vinyasa with every class i take... so i'm excited!


Anonymous said...

I think you did most difficult, self-practice. Way to go.
the bird really flys

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