Friday, July 17, 2009

i kissed the buddha and made him cry.

liz phair. repeat. repeat. repeat.

i find myself listening to the album "whip smart" whenever i'm feeling a little down.

i'm sad that jill-ji is leaving so soon. i feel like i'm losing a major part of my philly life. jill is not just a teacher to me, she is my mentor. my friend. my pal.

for the past 3 years or so, i've moved every year. santa cruz. huntington beach. baltimore.




i thought about fleeing. running. getting out of town. that's what we do. every year. asher and i have been on the run. like fugitives. rebels without a cause.

i'm happy to be staying here another year. i feel like it's a good thing. i'm scared of another winter. if i can't handle it, we're out of here at the end of next summer. i'm making good friends through my yoga community. i have some friends from college here and i'm meeting all their friends. this is good. i haven't had good friends in any of the towns i've lived in these past few years. i mean, i had some people who i hung with. but it didn't feel like how it feels now. i have some great friends, best friends, they are all scattered all over the country. so it's nice to be making such good connections in this city.

anyway, i just feel sad. i will treasure these next few weeks of yoga with jill on fridays and saturdays. and whatever else we can do before then. coffee? lunch? who knows. gotta live in the present and just eat these moments up.

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