Sunday, July 5, 2009

bikers delight.

i did it.

after almost a year of living in philly.

i did it.

i got on the bike and road into center city and beyond. i wanted to test ride how long it would take me to get to yoga and then from yoga to work. 10 minutes each way. it makes my commute approximately 20 minutes or less on the bike instead of 30 minutes or more on bus. also, didn't buy a monthly transpass, which was $78. I am 78 dollars richer. and I already feel like i'm getting some good cardio on the ride back to west philly (aka the only real hill in philly). after we got to my work, i wanted to keep going so we went all the way to penn's landing and then turned around and came home. the ride home wasn't bad. i'm sure with traffic it will be different. there were hardly any cars on the road, the weather was beautiful and i had a magnificent time.

i felt really safe following asher for my first time into center city. and i know i'll do great tomorrow. i bought some tokens for the bus earlier today because it will be good to have them in case of horrible rain or period cramps.

i'm glowing with sweat and joy.


Anonymous said...

picture of bike please
thank you

Tom Magee said...

Congratulations! The city really opens up with a bike, especially in the summer. And I am moving to West Philly in the August, so I will be taking the Spruce St/Chestnut express as well pretty soon.

bikers delight said...

cool post a pic of ur bike