Friday, July 17, 2009

the way we get by.

tonight, asher and i packed all of our books. well, it was mostly me. i'm good at it. he kept me motivated though. we organized lots of junk. got rid of stuff. i just finished packing two more boxes of kitchen stuff. our apartment is getting emptier by the minute.

now i must take sleep.

i blogged 4 times today? i must've been lonely or something. or i only worked like 3 hours.

i faxed my lease to the rental place today.

we're moving to no. libs. it was either that or south philly. south philly lost. oh well.


Tom Magee said...

I am moving to West Philly in August. Now I know one less person who lives there:-(

Amanda said...

it's ok tom. i'll still come to acro!! :)