Saturday, July 18, 2009

london calling. inhale. exhale.

this morning i rode my bike over to wakeup fairmount for the first time. it took me 15 minutes. i got their really really early. so i read my book in the shade and got to listen to jake teach his class. sounds like a fun class. i will have to check it out sometime soon-ish. went to jill's 10am class. packed house. lots of familiar faces. it's nice to see the regulars! i guess i'm becoming a regular on saturday mornings. i'd like to be at wakeup more often... hmmm.

take one step toward the point and the point will take 10 steps to you.

i have shin splints. i rode my bike 6.5 miles today. to wake up to yoga squared to home.

i also did rock and roll mysore with a few others at yoga squared. we all practiced to the clash. i did a shortened mysore practice because i already practiced today. i played with handstands. i played with trying to stand up from a backbend. we will try to do rock and roll mysore again sometime. depending on space. and people. we'll figure it out.

i'm just rambling. drinking a honey moon (by blue moon) in bed. i'm tired and will be sleeping in approximately 20 minutes or so. give or take.

jill had a going away party/buy mike's art party tonight. lots of familiar faces. good food. yummy sangria. got to mingle. meet new people. pet doggies. take fuji-style polaroids. i only stayed for 2 hours. perfect amount of time i think. if i stayed any longer, i probably would've drank more and made a fool of myself. ha! that's my secret to leaving the room with a little dignity... not drinking too much and leaving before you get outta control! :) i was very well behaved tonight.

i hope to make it to david g's led tomorrow. we shall see. i'm not setting my alarm. i'm going to see if my internal alarm will wake me up on time like it has for the past week. seriously. my internal alarm is on a roll.

good night moon. honey moon.

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