Monday, July 13, 2009


Amanda's Yoga Research Institute.

Jill says to explore and research, so I'm researching and exploring. Pattabhi Jois opened the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute to spread the Ashtanga Love. My research institute is really just for me and maybe some reader's.

So. Hmmmm. So. Yeah. I participated in a yoga teacher training that I did not enjoy. I will not speak slander on the program or the teachers. I enjoyed my yoga colleagues, I enjoyed many of my teachers, but I did not enjoy the program. That's where I will end on that note.

On a second note, after months and months of self-practice, self-reflection, self-actualization... after many talks over coffee, after many thoughts flowing through my mind.. I've decided that I am not done with the want and desire to teach yoga. To spread the yoga love.

Third note, I thought about leaving Philly. Running back to Cali or living in a van, but neither option really seemed like a smart thing to do right now. So I decided to stay here. In the city of brotherly love. I love this brotherly sisterly city. I'm making some amazing friends. I'm enjoying my job... (most of the time.) I love the yoga community I've found here.

So, I have another year here. (I haven't signed a lease yet, but as soon as it's ready, I'll be here at least until October 1, 2010). What am I going to do besides be a nanny and a yoga practitioner for this upcoming year... Well, I think I should go back to yoga school aka teacher training.

There are many options. I want to make the best decision for me. This is the perfect time for me to do this. I have a strong practice under my belt. I'm dedicated to the yoga in all it's glory. I am financially sound. I can pay rent and pay for teacher training and still put food on the table and buy new boots this fall.

I've decided to explore Wakeup Yoga. Their teacher training starts September 2009 and ends May 2010. It's 250 Hours. David Keil teaches the anatomy. Manorama: Sanskrit. They have other adjunct faculty for meditation and chanting. The names escape me right now, but I've heard great things.

One of the pre-requisites for this training is that you take at least ONE class with Corina, the owner of Wake up and the director of the teacher training (TT from now on). I decided that I would not just take ONE class with Corina, but at least 4.

Today was day one. I enjoyed Corina's class very much. It takes me a little while, maybe like half an hour to get out of Ashtanga Head Space/Body Space. I'm so programmed to do the Primary Series that whenever I take a Vinyasa class I always feel confused, except during Jill-ji's because I frequent her classes so I know what to expect. Anyway, after giving myself the space to explore this style of yoga I had a blast. I see the structure of the vinyasa class. I'm no yoga-dummy. I know how the class works. I know that we warm up, we get juicy, we slow down, we close. We did poses I have never worked on but enjoyed none-the-less. Some of them were downright hard!! but!!! what is yoga? (ashtanga) yoga is mind control yoga, essentially all yoga is mind control yoga. In my head, I'm like, "this hurts, but only a few more breaths, you can do it." Mind control. It's all about that. Guruji is right.

I am planning on going to Corina's class tomorrow at 6, then Wednesday at 5:45 (it's her birthday so it should be juicy and fun-filled.) I will blog after each class. I will write my observations. Then next week I plan on taking one of Victoria's classes (she will be assisting in the TT) and one more of Corina's before I fill out my application..

I decided that in order to fully explore Corina's classes, I'm skipping mysore for a few days. I obviously can't do mysore in the mornings, work, then vigorous vinyasa at nights and be able to survive.. I could do it maybe once but I'm not. I'm just taking a break from the mysore practice. I do miss it though. This week is a good week for me to skip the morning practice's because I had to be at work at 7:45 today, 8 tomorrow, probably 7:45 Wed, 8 Thursday.. So it's a little much to get to the mysore and work and be able to function.

Ok. That's it for the AYRI.

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Anonymous said...

Corina is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever known. She's a great teacher. You'll learn a lot from her. Enjoy it!!