Saturday, July 25, 2009

favorite view of center city?

i love philadelphia. i love seeing it from all angles. i love being able to see city hall all the way from west philly when you're looking down market. or when you're looking up broad..

it's amazing

i have a favorite view of the city sky line from my bike and it's at 32nd and baring, there's a cement park of sorts right after baring street. i've never stopped to sit there, although i will. i love the view.

asher's favorite view is from the peco building from the 43rd floor. (he gets to go to all the cool buildings when he's delivering the pitas.)

do you have a favorite view? spot? location to make out at? anything. i'm looking for places to explore. i have another year in this beautiful city and i'm definitely going to make the best of it.


went to honey's sit and eat for a late lunch with asher. i needed some soul food after attending jill-ji's last wake up class this morning. there were 36 of us. lots of regulars. one newbie. ha! i cried, not hysterically, but the tears just flowed down my face during the final chant. we had a celebration afterwards. food. champagne. presents. chatting. hugging. stories. i love wakeup. i really love it. the people and the love there is just overwhelming.



Tom Magee said...

This is the view of the art museum from the top of city hall. Definitely one of my favorite views in philly.

Anonymous said...

from the Greys Ferry bridge

stacy said...

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